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About us


The "Valuation" included on the move is a legal liability of .60 cents per pound per article.  (e.g. If you have a dresser that weighs 200 pounds, All Stars Moving, Inc. would have a legal liability of $120.00 of repair in the vent it is damaged during the move.)

We move your personal belongings with great care and great attention to detail and thus, the above mentioned does not occur.  But it is nice to know we are there for you in case anything ever did.

If an accident does occur, we immediately accept responsibility and take it upon ourselves to attempt to have the item(s) repaired.  If the item(s) is beyond repair, we would quickly settle the claim at our legal liability of .60 cents per pound.

The above is why we care for your personal items as if they were our own.

We have an excellent reputation based on the referrals we received from our satisfied customers.


• Presents a complete, no-cost, estimate

• Explains (in great detail) what will be done, how it will be done, and by whom

• Provides a single point of contact throughout the entirety of your move

• Completes the move in your timeframe

• Adjusts to your time schedule

• Handles Commercial & Residential Moves

• Provides packing tools and equipment to make your move easier

• Does not outsource to or hire third party crews for moves

• Secures your items for safe travels of any distance

• Will always give honesty and reliability (if we tell you will be at your residence at 10am, we are there at         10am, it's that simple!

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