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Moving Tips

We don't know anyone who really likes to move.  It's not an easy thing and frankly, it's a lot of work.  Hopefully, the one good thing can be that you are making a move that feels right.  We wish for all of our clients to make the move that is right for you.  As part of our effort to make an actual move a good experience, we have created a list of "Moving Tips".  From all our years of actual moves, we have learned quite a bit and would like to pass this information along to you.

Pre-Moving Advice:

Moving Estimates 

  • Always get a quote from All Stars Moving, Inc. - Remember that we are "The Recommended Mover" for a reason.  Our prices are competitive and while we arecertain you can find someone cheaper (a friend, a relative, etc.) remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for".Cage-free environment.
  • Find out what is included in the move and what is not
  • Find out if the moving crew you choose "outsources" their moving crews or if the employees are, in fact, true employees of the company
  • Find out if there are hidden fees involved
  • Be honest in the amount of things you have and approximate weights (these things do factor into costs)

Moving Times

The busiest moving times are always the end and beginning of months when monthly rentals, leases, and property closings are scheduled.  If you must move during these times, try to schedule your move as early as possible.

Moving Advice


It really is easier to get your packing supplies directly from your mover.  All Stars Moving, Inc. has a complete line of reasonably priced moving supplies such as boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap and shrink wrap.  Using our boxes makes the move much easier because of the consistent size and the strength our boxes feature.

Our most popular product is the shrink wrap rolls of plastic film.  This wonderful tool can be used to wrap and secure dressers and other items that have a tendency to fall or slide out during the moving process.  Many of our moving clients are so impressed with our plastic film that they come back and purchase more after the move so they have it for other uses around the house.

Packing Supplies

Many clients want to know the sizes of the standard moving boxes and other packing materials.  The following list review the sizes of our most popular items:
  • Small Boxes                        16 x 12 x 12            (1.5 cubic feet)
  • Medium Boxes                    18 x 18 x 16            (3.1 cubic feet)
  • Large Boxes                        24 x 18 x 18            (4.5 cubic feet)
  • Dish Packs                           18 x 18 x 28            (5.25 cubic feet)
  • Mirror Cartons                     37 x 3.5 x 30  -  60 (2 piece)
  • Wardrobes                           24 x 20 x 46   
  • Paper Pads                          60 x 72
  • Pounds Packing Paper      24 x 30
  • Rolls of Tape                       55 yards
  • Shrink Wrap                         1500 ft per roll
  • Bubble Wrap                        2 x 125 (full roll)
  • Labels                                   500 per roll

Packing Advice

  • Small items should all be packed such as dishes, kitchen utensils, pictures, and mirrors.  Even items such as lamps and lamp shades should be packed since they could easily be crushed.
  • You don't need to pack TVs, microwaves (microwave turntables should be packed), lawn tools, mops, brooms, large sports equipment, and bicycles
  • We can move lawn mowers but the gas tank must first be emptied safely
  • You may not want to pack your vacuum because you may need to do a final cleaning before leaving your old residence.  Additionally, do not pack your cleaning supplies for this same reason
  • Items such as marble or glass tabletops, pool table slate, special antiques, chandeliers, or other large, fragile items should be left to the professionals to crate and pack.  Please ask about our crating service
  • For organizing your move, consider packing and boxing items by room.  Boxes should be clearly labeled as to what room they are going to in your new residence.  This is very handy when you move into your new space.  Mark your boxes on the side as well as the top.  All Stars Moving, Inc. has color coded box labels available for purchase
  • Another handy trick is to label some boxes (for each room) as "Unpack First".  This will let you know which boxes hold the most importance and top priority on moving day and will help you get organized in your new residence faster.
  • When making and sealing boxes, be sure to seal every opening securely and tightly.  This includes all edges both top and bottom
  • For fragile items, wrap them with two layers of unprinted newspaper per fragile item.  The wrapping should be firm yet loose enough to cushion all of the items in the box.  Definitely mark the box as "Fragile Contents Do Not Stack"
  • Do not pack paints, turpentines, or aerosol cans with your household items.  These items are highly flammable and combustible and should be disposed of properly or given away safely
  • Mops, brooms, and rakes can be taped together for easy handling
  • Refrigerators with ice-makers and water dispensers should be professionally disconnected ahead of time to be sure there are no leaking seals and that all water is properly drained
  • Some items you should move yourself include: (cash, securities, jewelry, furs, firearms, personal papers, collectibles, and family heirlooms)

We sincerely hope you find our "Moving Tips" helpful and for your next move, call All Stars Moving, Inc.  You will be more than pleased with the excellent service you will receive and you will truly understand why we are "The Recommended Movers".

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